How to Choose The Best Shorts For Your Body

As warmer weather quickly sets in, the love/hate fashion relationship that women have with shorts begins to resurface. Women of all different shapes and sizes have a difficult time finding shorts styles that show off the things they love about their bodies and hide the things they don’t.

From flowy to fitted, high-waisted to low rise, shorts come in many different style options with zero “how to” guides about which ones will flatter your specific figure. Well, search no more! Below, you will find an easy guide with recommendations from Hannah Owsley, a sales associate at Studio 3:19 in Opelika, to help you find the best shorts to compliment your shape.

No woman should have to fear shorts season and feel as if they have to stick to capris. So find your perfect pair and get ready to show off your shape this spring.

If you are a woman with: a tall figure

Tall women have the ability to rock bold, Bermuda-style shorts that draw attention their legs. If you fall into this body type bracket, don’t be afraid to be daring with your shorts choices. Owsley suggests going for fun patterns or distressed styles. The medium-length shorts will help balance your long frame.



Bermuda Short in Polka Dot, $59.50,


If you are a woman with: a short figure

If you happen to fall on the shorter side, Owsley recommends wearing a shorts style that elongates your shape. “Low-rise shorts give the illusion of a longer torso so this style works well for shorter, more petite women,” said Owsley. Also, women with shorter figures can experiment with shorter lengths. Showing off a little more skin will make your legs appear longer. Owsley also swears by pairing wedges with shorts for women with shorter figures. “Wearing wedges with shorts helps makes your legs look longer and leaner,” said Owsley.



New Look Crochet Detail Denim Shorts, $30.48,


If you are a woman with: a curvy figure

Owsley says that having a curvier build is no reason to steer away from shorts. “Curvier women just need to find the best way to accentuate their curves in shorts,” Owsley said. “I would suggest trying shorts with a higher waist that flow through the hip and thigh areas.” The higher waistband accentuates your waistline, while the loose-fitting legs fall nicely over the hip and thigh.



ASOS Curve Shorts with Tassel Hem, $27.11,

If you are a woman with: a thin legged figure

If you happen to be one of the lucky women who have thin legs, take the spring and summer seasons to show them off. “Women looking to showcase their thin legs should look for short styles with a thick waistband and shorter inseam.” Owsley says. “They have great legs to show off so they might as well take advantage.” Owsley also says that women with thin legs but a broader top half could wear a loose-fitting blouse tucked into their shorts so the attention is going straight to their legs. Thin-legged women can also play around with pleats and details on shorts since it will add some volume without making their legs look bulky.


C/MEO Collective ‘Midnight City’ Pleat Shorts, $121,


If you are a woman with: an athletic figure

If you are a woman that has an athletic build, your muscular legs are something you will want to showcase. “Wearing shorts with a cuff can accentuate toned legs on athletic women,” Owsley says. “Shorts that fit a little tighter are great for athletic bodies too because it highlights their muscular build.”



BP High Rise Denim Shorts, $44,


If you are a woman with: an all over thin figure

“Women who are thin all over will want to wear shorts that add volume and give shape to their thin frames,” said Owsley. Going for shorts that have a tight waist and flouncy legs will create the illusion of curves. Pleats can also help add shape to a slim figure.


Lush Print Pleated Shorts, $42,



Women come in all different body shapes and finding flattering shorts can be an intimidating shopping trip for many. Shorts season should not something that any woman should be scared of though. There are shorts that can flatter any and every body type; it is just all about knowing your body and finding what looks best on you. Above all though, the most important factor for women when they shop for shorts this season is finding shorts they feel confident in. As the saying goes, “when you feel your best, you look your best.”

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