The Auburn Student’s Graduation Bucket List

It is that time of year again where graduating seniors start becoming nostalgic about the past four years on the country’s greatest campus. With the deeply rooted traditions, hometown feel, and friendliest fans in college sports, Auburn University is one hard place to say farewell to.


So, underclassmen, this is a bit of advice from a wise, graduating senior for you. Before crossing the finish line of your final lap, make sure you check every point off of the following bucket list:


1. Try Every Food Truck.


Although eating Panda Express in Foy three times a week is a completely understandable and acceptable norm, Auburn has seriously expanded their food truck selection, and you definitely need to try each one before graduation rolls around. Once you enter the workforce and don’t have a two-hour lunch break to spend with your best friends, you’ll be eating crust off a PB & J in your cubicle. You might as well experiment and indulge in fun food trucks while you can.


2. Plan an away-game road trip with friends.


I cannot stress this bucket list item enough. Once you graduate, month-long Christmas breaks do not exist anymore (I know…I haven’t quite wrapped my head around that one either), and road trips don’t fall together quite as easily as they do when you’re still in the best four years of your life. Going to an away game with my friends was one of my favorite experiences of my senior year and was a chance to explore a new city. It is like a mini-vacation with a little bit of Auburn football mixed in. What could top that?


3.Rent a bike from The War Eagle Bike Share and take a cruise around campus with your pals.


The new bike-sharing program at Auburn University is the perfect thing to add to your graduation bucket list. As an underclassman, you tend to forget how beautiful Auburn’s campus truly is. Though, as senior year comes to a close, you will weep every time you drive slowly past Samford Hall while playing “Goodbye My Lover” by James Blunt in your car. To avoid this depressing drive-by, rent a War Eagle Bike Share bicycle and ride around campus to admire the beauty of it all. It will make for a fun afternoon spent with friends and will show you how lucky you are to be an Auburn student.


4. Take a picture with the Cam statue.


If you’re like me, you never seemed to catch the real-life Cam Newton on campus in order to snap a selfie, or you just didn’t feel like going borderline stalker status and waiting outside his classes like some of your AU peers. Well, I have some great news! There is a statue of Cam in front of Jordan-Hare that is available for pictures whenever you need some Instagram material. Take a picture with it before you graduate. This may seem silly but Cam Newton will go down as an ‘Auburn great’, and if you can’t get a pic with the real thing, his metal substitute is a pretty good runner-up in my opinion.


5. Get on the college football’s largest jumbotron.


If you haven’t noticed by now, Auburn got a “quaint” new edition to their stadium in the summer of 2015. Jordan-Hare’s updated jumbotron now makes it the largest in college football. So, another item for your graduation bucket list is to get featured on the jumbotron during a home game. Do whatever it takes, even if you have to slip the cameraman $20. It is worth it. Make sure to have your phone ready to capture a shot of the magical moment as well. On one note, it will give you an image of a great memory to look back on and on a second note, your Facebook followers will go on a liking frenzy if you post the shot on your timeline. Give your faithful followers some good material to click ‘like’ for.

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