Spring Break is finally here and I feel like I can breathe again. After completing the first half of the hardest semester that I’ve had at Auburn, I am looking forward to spring break more than ever.

In years past, I’ve ended the week of spring break in an even more exhausted state than when I started it. This year, I want my spring break to be a calming getaway from the trials of my challenging semester. To make sure I get the most out of this perfectly timed vacation, I have set  one, single goal for my week-long retreat and have outlined my objectives to ensure that I achieve it

If you are like me and need this week to hit ‘refresh’, I invite you to keep reading and see the big reveal of the main goal for my spring break escape. Maybe you can try it too.

P.S. I am extremely excited to get to see my dog, Bo, this week. So, for you to better visualize what I’ll be doing on my spring break vacation, I am illustrating my plan with a little help of some furry friends that remind me of my sweet black lab. I’ll go ahead and say, you’re welcome.

My Goal of Spring Break 2016: TO RELAX

During the hustle and bustle of the semester, I feel as though I stay consistently stressed. Whether I am worrying about a fast-approaching assignment deadline or the fact that internships are not as easily snagged as Robert De Niro made them seem in The Intern, my mind never seems to catch a break. This spring vacation, that is exactly what it is getting.

Objective #1: To Unplug


To fulfill this objective, my strategy is put down all electronic devices as I head to my family’s mountain home in NC for the first half of the week. I am not going to check social media or email (or midterm grades on canvas) so that I can truly let my mind rest. This is one of the objectives that I am most looking forward to. In my day-to-day life, I am overly obsessed with checking my email and my social media accounts, which don’t allow my mind to unwind. I remain ‘in the know’ about everything and everyone. Over this next week, I am letting go. I cannot wait to lounge on the back porch of our cabin spending time with my family, happily unaware of anything happening outside of my getaway world.


Objective #2: To re-connect with myselfblacklabrunning

In the midst of my busy schedule, I feel as though I have no “me” time. I am either doing schoolwork, volunteering or attending events associated with different organizations I am involved with. This spring break, to fully relax, I need to incorporate some “me” time. To accomplish this, I am going to go on solo walks every morning. I know that sounds mildly depressing, but I used to love to run back in high school because it was the perfect time to think about my life. Running was my way of letting go of stresses and that is exactly what I need right now. Unfortunately, high school was four years ago and the college freshman-twenty weight hasn’t exactly worn off like I thought it would (LOL), so I’m going to kick it down a notch to a nice walk for my “me” time this week.


Objective #3: To get an adequate amount of sleepblacklabsleeping

If you know me at all, you know I love my sleep. During the semester, I just simply do not get enough of it. Of course, my procrastination has no effect on my sleep schedule, and the occasional all-nighters I have to pull fall completely on the fault of my professors. (I know this is not exactly true, but trust me, it is easiest to stay in self-denial.) Anyway, to make sure I catch up on the sleep that I need, I am not setting a single alarm this week. I am going to allow myself as much sleep as my heart desires. After the last two months of this semester, I believe I have earned it.

Once my spring break comes to a close, I will measure how successful I was in achieving my goal by determining how relaxed I am. If I feel ready to tackle the last half of this semester with a refreshed body and mind, I will know that I accomplished each of my objectives and achieved my main goal.

See you guys in a week!

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