The Importance of Planning: Valentine’s Day Edition



Many people believe that Valentine’s Day is just a hokey holiday filled with giant teddy bears and boxes of chocolates. Though, for a PR student with a passion for event planning, Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to develop a step-by-step plan on how to “wow” your valentine this year.

In any public relations event, the planning, coordination and organization of every detail is key to the event’s ultimate success. The same rules apply when trying to create a special, “butterflies in your belly” Valentine’s Day celebration for your significant other. So, if you want to plan a V-day that your sweetheart will remember, follow these step-by-step valentines procedures.

The Steps: 


Time Frame: Around 2 weeks before

When the holiday of love is fast approaching, many of you will hear your valentine drop significant hints about their idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day evening. Take notes. By listening closely, you can start to develop your plan. During your planning phase, go ahead and create a checklist of everything you need to get done before the day. For example, if your valentine loves The Hound Restaurant in Auburn, Alabama, make it a point on your checklist to reserve a table for V-day.


Step 2: Coordinate the Date

Time Frame: 1 week before

In this step, you will need to start coordinating the “nitty-gritty” of your Valentine’s Day celebration. If you go into the evening without a plan in place, you might end up without a valentine by the end of the night (unless you happen to be extremely good on your feet). Now is the time to start checking off the items one by one on the checklist you made during the planning period. Call your valentine’s favorite restaurant to make a reservation, order a bouquet of flowers from a florist, and/or snag that special item they’ve had their eye on from their favorite store.


Step 3: Organize and Finalize

Time Frame: 1 day before

By this point, you should have every item on your checklist completed and all things lined up for the lovey-dovey day ahead. This phase is where you need to double check that all your ducks are in a row. Call or text your Valentine on the night before, and let them know when you will pick them up on V-day to start celebrating. Tie a last-minute bow on your present and/or write some loving words on a card because there is only a short amount of time left until the festivities begin! Don’t worry, you’re ready!

After you’ve completed all three steps, I promise that you are ready to make your valentine’s jaw drop!  

Good luck lovebirds!


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