What Kind of Saver Are You?

According to the University of Missouri Cooperative Extension, people look at money in many different ways. Some individuals view money as a sense of security or a source of power while others see money as a self-esteem builder, a sense of freedom or a way to buy the affection of others. These various outlooks on the meaning of money play a large role in the way people manage their monetary spending and saving habits.

Sharlean Briggs, Regional Extension Agent, and Dr. Barbara O’Neil, Specialist in Family Resource Management with Rutgers Cooperative Extension recommend following the eight major money saving profiles outlined by Robert Barrington, the Senior Financial Analyst at MoneyRates.com.

Barrington developed a framework for eight different profiles including The Paper-Clip Saver, The Master Negotiator, The Singles Hitter, The Home-Run Hitter, The No-Frills person, The Go-Getter, The Safety-First Money Manager, and The Gambler.

Each profile greatly differs on how individuals view the saving and spending of money. Most individuals’ saving personalities will fall into one of the eight characteristic profiles.

Profile Characteristics:

Profile One: The paper-clip saver

This profile includes people that like to save everything under the sun. They build upon their savings by refusing to waste anything they purchase. If they believe that they will need an item again, they will save it until that time comes.


Profile Two: The Master Negotiator

This profile includes people that bargain buy whenever they can. These people view haggling and bargaining as a game. They insist on working to lessen prices on any item, big or small. Cutting deals and haggling about prices comes naturally to the master negotiator.


Profile Three: The Singles Hitter

This profile includes individuals that play it safe when it comes to saving. They take small portions of each paycheck they receive and set the money aside in their savings accounts. They are consistent savers and tend to be successful in their saving endeavors.


Profile Four: The Home-Run Hitter

This profile directly opposes the singles hitter profile. Instead of taking a slower, more consistent approach to saving, the home-run hitter likes to save large sums in a short amount of time. A person belonging to this profile might choose to save their entire bonus check from work to be placed into their savings account. They like to build their savings in big quantities, even if there are fewer opportunities to do so.


Profile Five: The No-Frills Person

An individual that identifies with this profile is your classic “Frugal Fred.” The no-frills person truly enjoys saving and does not view it as a nuisance. It is important to note that someone belonging to this profile does not see saving as something they must do but rather something they like to do. This profile is very successful in saving because they find joy in it.


Profile Six: The Go-Getter

This profile is a direct opposite of the no-frills profile. An individual belonging to the go-getter profile looks at money saving as a way to get something that they want. The go-getter tends to be extremely ambitious, which is why a majority of people within this profile have successful careers. Saving for the go-getter is more likely to be stress-free because of their career success.


Profile Seven: The Safety-First Money Manager

This person is all about smart, safe investments. They never want to find themselves in a situation where they are losing money. They believe the best way to add to savings is by investing in safe opportunities where money seems to flow in with ease. An individual whose personality falls into this profile is all about positives returns on investments.


Profile Eight: The Gambler

An individual belonging to this saving profile is one that is not afraid of risking it all for the chance to win big. They look at taking financial risks as opportunities to greatly enhance their savings accounts. Even if the gambler takes a negative hit in their savings efforts, they are always willing to bet big on the possibility of a big reward.


Individuals finding themselves in any one of these profiles have the opportunity to be successful savers. According to Barrington, no profile is better than the next in regards to an overflowing savings account. The best approach to being a successful saver is identifying which category you belong to and developing a saving plan that best suits your lifestyle.

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